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Dan Peacock
5225 N Central Ave, Suite 104, Phoenix, Arizona 85012

Mobile: 602.770.7383


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Dan Peacock is an amazing real estate agent. He is honest, open and makes home buying convenient. We found an amazing house in a fantastic, coveted neighborhood. He did a terrific job negotiating the price. And when there was an issue with our first lender, he had a new lender working on our loan within hours. He is the kind of real estate agent you want on your side when you find the perfect house you are determined to call home.

Thanks again!

Dr. Jeffrey and Rebecca Robinson

Dan Peacock is a consummate professional who keenly represented our interests in the sale of two homes. We value Dan’s honesty, integrity, experience, and work ethic and will continue to call on his real estate expertise for all our future transactions. Besides that, he’s a really nice guy!

Doug & Stacey Pilcher Phoenix, AZ

I have helped with the sale of two homes in for these great clients!

We had the pleasure of having Dan Peacock as our Realtor. Dan made the process very easy and stress-free. Dan was available when we needed him and was always quick to answer any questions we had. He is extremely knowledgeable and is very familiar with the area which was helpful in finding the perfect house for our needs. His friendly demeanor made it a pleasure to work with him. We will definitely call Dan for any future home purchases.
Joanne & Mike Liston

So glad to have these great clients nearby!

Dear Dan,

The dust has settled, boxes are unpacked, and I no longer need my GPS to find their desert house. Now it's time to thank you for your part in getting my sister happily into their new home.

Thank you for your expertise, your patience, and your humor in guiding them through the buying process. From the searching to the contract to the final moments you were professional and on top of things.

Their home is lovely. The location is beautiful. They're as happy as can be. You had a big part in that. Thank you.

I still have a few family and friends who might venture out to the West. I will confidently send them to you for help in their home purchase.

Thank you,
Ann Myers

P. S. If you ever visit away out to the east side of the county, give them a bit of a notice. I heard there'd be a pie waiting for you.

What a deal in the desert! My clients relocated from Ohio to this desert property in Northeast Scottsdale. An acre of land plus a terrific 2500sf home built in 2001.

Dan Peacock is the ultimate professional! We hired Dan because he had a reputation that is unsurpassed in Phoenix real estate. Dan proved himself over and over to be trustworthy, conscientious, confidential, and proactive! Dan represented our family at a very difficult time. He was sensitive to our concerns and vigorously pursued all opportunities for a buyer. Dan is the professional I will continue to hire for all of my real estate transactions. Our family will be forever grateful to Dan for his dedication and guidance in the sale of our mother’s home.

Mary Helen Hall
September 2013

Another Madison Park Sale: Full price in less than a week on the market.

My name is Lee Goodman and my wife, Regina and I recently worked with Dan on selling a rental home we had.

It was a great experience working with Dan and the end result far exceeded our expectations. I appreciated that Dan set our expectations of the process up front, and often times asked our opinion of what we wanted and how we felt about where we were at different times in the process.

He really knows his business, from the real estate side, but also from the marketing and negotiating end as well.

Dan felt like we could legitatemately list the house for $10,000 more than what we had discussed or expected, and we had four offers the first day the house was on the market. It ended up selling in less than 30 days, for $20,000 over the appraised value.

I would highly recommend using Dan to anyone. And his wife Bridgette did a great job staging the house and making key recommendations that helped prepare the house for sale.

Please give me a call if you have any other questions.

Lee Goodman

Another record setting sale in Wrigley Terrace...

“Dan Peacock is not only the best realtor I ever worked with, he is one of the best people I have ever met, and I mean that with the utmost sincerity. After working with a few realtors who were interested in selling me whichever house we walked into, I met Dan at one of his listings. It was immediately obvious Dan was not the average realtor. I've worked in sales for a Fortune 5 company for over a decade and am particularly sensitive to sales "tactics," in fact they simply make me cringe, or just run away.

Dan's attention to detail, (attention to me!) and genuine interest in MY best interest on many occasions made me scratch my head in wonderment. He was extremely patient with me as I was very particular in what I wanted. What was amazing was that Dan stuck with me, and never got impatient, in fact he talked me out of a couple houses (thank heaven) and when I lost two I really wanted (I was working with 20% down and 800 credit, but as he put it, I was "playing in the big leagues" up against cash investors), he seemed to have this crystal ball between his ears that knew it was best I didn't get them, and a better one would come along. And he was right, with lots of room to spare!

Although I was shopping for a home, on several Sundays I met Dan at one of his open house events to touch base for a quick strategy session. It was obvious he works hard for his sellers and if he puts a fraction of the care and work into selling your home that he did in helping me find and close on mine, stop your search because you have found your realtor.

Last year I started working with a Nurse Practitioner from Phoenix Children's Hospital. She was looking at homes with her husband who is a Doctor. A young couple, I'd say mid-30's. They moved from New York and already had a realtor. I told her she really should talk to Dan, even though leaving a realtor can be awkward. Just as happened with me, she and her husband went to an open house where Dan was working and she recognized the name. Long story short, they closed on a house in September and she told me "we were thrilled with Dan, he was great!"

Working closely with Dan for what was probably the longest transaction of his life, I really got to know him well and feel like I've barely scratched the surface, so please don't hesitate to contact me at

Take real estate flight with the Peacock! (I made that up, but Dan also has a great sense of humor).

Good luck in buying/selling a home!

-Chris Crawford Phoenix, AZ

My sincere apologies for having not gotten back to you sooner! When I received your call that everything had closed I was in the middle of a wedding reception in Boston, MA. I raced outside to listen to the message, of course, thinking that something had gone wrong. Alas, it was very good news. However, after I went back to the reception, with a wonderful sense of relief…I simply forgot to contact you after we arrived back home. So sorry it has taken me this long to send you a big, big THANK YOU!!!!

Since the closings, my parents have been here to visit. They had a wonderful time-a full two week stay-and even felt well enough to take a six hour drive to N. Carolina to see Rachel’s college campus before heading back to Phoenix. Mom says over and over that you really knew what you were doing and that she is so thankful for everything you did and how calm and confident you were throughout all of it. I cannot thank you enough for your patience with my father’s moods, my siblings behavior...and who knows what else that I am not even aware of. We all will confidently pass your name on to anyone needing real estate help.

I hope you have a busy fall and that the family is well and happy. Thank you again, and again!

Best Regards,

Mary King

Mary King

2519 E Roma Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Subject: Letter of Recommendation

Dear Dan and Bridget:

We are thrilled with the consummate professionalism and trusted counsel we received from you during the process of selling our home here in Phoenix.

From the beginning to the end (it took only two months for our house to sell), you were compassionate and respectful of our emotional challenges as we made the painful decision to sell our home where we had created a lifetime of memories (37 years).

You gave us trusted advice and counsel which included recommending paint colors and working with us to "stage" our home to show all its very best features. It was a bonus in our eyes that your are so knowledgeable about this neighborhood and part of Phoenix which is such a special place to own a home and enjoy the "Biltmore lifestyle" -- and you were able to share this critical knowledge with potential home buyers.

You took a VERY difficult process -- in a difficult and challenging market for home sales in general -- and made it smooth, pleasant, and successful, accurately recommending a fair home value so that our home sold hassle-free in terms of appraisal and financing.

In closing, we wish you all the success in the world in your real estate endeavors -- you deserve a world of success for your kindness, fairness, and expertise. We heartily recommend your services to anyone who wants to sell - or buy - a home.

With great gratitude and appreciation for all your efforts -- thank you so very much!


Andrea & Bob Hetzel

Another happy seller in the 85016 zip code

Dear Dan:

The dust is starting to settle and we are experiencing the last of the sales people parading through the house. Sue and I are now enjoying the home and the neighborhood. We attended our first Homeowners Association meeting last Monday and got acquainted with some of our neighbors. It appears that we have a lot in common with them.

We wanted to formally thank you for the truly outstanding service that you provided during our home purchase adventure. We especially appreciated your patience while we consistently changed the parameters of the search. These changes included price, location, size of the properties, and timeframe. This was an educational process for us and you were a resourceful and willing instructor. Contrary to public opinion regarding the housing market in the Phoenix area being a buyer’s market, Sue and I found it to be complex and complicated. Between short sales, bank-owned, foreclosed, one property whose status was unknown new financing rules and guidelines and the purchase contract negotiation, you demonstrated outstanding skills in the field and led us through the process. Several times when we were about to lose it on something or person, your positive, knowledgeable approach saved the day.

Being a business person, I liked the thorough analysis of the properties that you presented for our consideration as well as your recommendations on pricing. While we didn’t always agree, I must admit you were right more often that I was. I never felt that you wasted any of our time and all properties that were seen and in some re-seen more than twice aided us in our decision.

If you ever need a reference for future clients, please feel free to have them contact us. Thank you for a job well done.

Mike and Sue O’Donnell

Agent note: Prior to this, these buyers had only purchased new homes. This transaction represented the first time they ever dabbled in the “used home” market. Together we saw every property for sale in Phoenix (and parts of Scottsdale) that was even close to their ever-changing criteria. As such, now that they have purchased a home, they have the peace of mind that they bought the right house at the right time for them. I was glad to have been able to help navigate the process.

Dan has assisted me in both buyer and seller capacities, and I can say with 100% confidence that he is my Realtor for Life. His resourcefulness and dedication are second to none. From the search, to the loan, and then onto the final negotiations, Dan's guidance has always been indispensable. I whole-heartedly recommend his consultation to anyone considering the purchase or sale of a home.

Jay Novak, happy client times twice so far...

To say that the sale of our house had some complications would be an understatement. I can’t begin to express how thankful I am to have found Dan to sell our house in Wrigley Terrace. He consistently maneuvered through this process with patience and professionalism. His knowledge of the market and specifically the neighborhood was invaluable in getting us a quick sale with a price that we were happy with. I appreciate that he guided me through each and every step and explained the process so I could understand it. He always returned calls, texts or e-mails quickly and was never too busy to answer even the simplest questions. He truly made me feel like I was his only client.

The house definitely needed some work before it went on the market. Dan knew the budget I had to work with and because of his expertise knew exactly where to apply the money to get the biggest impact. I worked closely with him to get the necessary improvements done on the house. I didn’t always agree with his suggestions but in the end he was right every time. He went so above and beyond to get the house in show condition. I can’t imagine any other realtor putting in the effort that he did.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Dan and would recommend him to anyone.

Elizabeth Morris

Agent note: This home was Listed, Improved, Staged and SOLD within 100 days!

Dan Peacock did a phenomenal job selling my house. His expertise was invaluable in making sure the house was priced right and that it showed well. The house was on the market 8 days before the first offer came in and it sold at only 2% below asking price, and $20,000 higher than the Buyer’s appraisal. In this market, that was far beyond my best expectation. Dan worked exceptionally hard to achieve this result and I’m extremely happy that I listened to his advice. Although it’s not pleasant to be told that you’re house is worth tens of thousands less than it was a few years ago, Dan accurately represented the market. Selling a house is a lot of work and I’m incredibly happy that I had Dan’s help.

Beth Hull, Ph.D.

Agent Note: LISTED, STAGED, SOLD: This Bel Aire home sold in less than 2 weeks -- and was the highest Bel Aire sale of 2009, a very tough market!

July 2009

Dear Dan,

Thank you so much for helping me sell my parents' home in Phoenix!

Your professionalism, maturity, and market knowledge all came together to get us a good price quickly.

From the fact that I'm in Massachusetts, to the dynamics of three brothers selling a family home, to the worst real estate market since the Great Depression, to the buyers from Chicago, this was not an easy sale. Not that any are, but this one had a degree of difficulty in every aspect; another broker would have fumbled in the red zone.

Your advice all along, with multiple bids and multiple counteroffers, kept our heads cool and the process moving. Your management of the appraisal process, in this new real estate market, was masterful.

This may seem like hyperbole, but that's just my writing style. I mean every word of it! I mean every last detail was handled promptly, and professionally. You kept me up to date with every change.

Thank you again! If you need me to get on the phone with anyone at all, I'm happy to give you an unqualified reference at any time.

Please let me know if you need anything from me. When and if you get East to Boston, please give me a call! We'll get some real food in you and show you the sights!


Glenn Blakney

Agent Note: Sold is less than half the time vs average listing time of homes on the market in the area (90 days vs 184 days on market.)

July 15, 2009

My husband and I have just recently moved from the house we had lived in for almost fifty years to an apartment in the new Beatitudes campus. It was time for us to go; however, leaving the house we loved was agony.

Dan Peacock, our neighbor, managed to sell our house for the price matching the appraisal---a very difficult thing to do in this economy.

He was a tremendous help in lots of ways. He guided us through all of the steps--showed the house to a great number of buyers---gave us advise on various ways that we could make the house more attractive and, when we had decided to enclose our carport, arranged for a contractor who did a fine job-----and even suggested that we would be wise to counter-offer the first offer (and he was right!!!!! ---we picked up $10,000 more on that)

He arranged the escrow and we just had to sign a few papers. The check was in the mail. He made the whole thing so much less painful.

I would recommend him without hesitation for any real estate transaction.

Patricia Fels

Another happy Grovemont seller -- Does a Neighborhood Specialist make a difference? This home sold for $50,000 more than the larger house next door listed by another agent.

April 2009

My wife and I hired Dan Peacock to sell our home and would recommend anyone else do the same. We interviewed a number of agents and ultimately chose Dan for several reasons, each of which his performance validated.

Dan knew his product. Dan had sold a number of houses within a few mile radius of our home so knew the area extremely well. Additionally, Dan seemed to have a good handle on the Phoenix market as a whole and, more importantly, had insight into where the market was headed.

Dan was an effective communicator. Dan kept up regular communication with us even after we moved out of town. Dan's updates were not just about our home or the latest showing but also about what was happening in the neighborhood.

Dan's advice. Dan shared his opinion on our price point, offers we received, ways to maximize the selling price and a number of other areas. While we did not always follow his advice (which was correct almost all of the time), Dan provided his opinion and allowed us to make our own choices.

Dan's creativity. We had one potential buyer who wanted to find a creative way to purchase our home. Dan appeared to have done the necessary research and educate himself (and ultimately us) on what the benefits and pitfalls of what various approaches were. Dan did not limit himself to a cookie cutter approach to selling our home.

Dan's focus. Dan limited the number of house on which he was the selling agent. This allowed us to feel like Dan was focused on our home and we never felt like he was too busy to answer our questions, do a showing or have an open house.

In the end, we were glad we had Dan as a partner in one of the most important financial events of our lives.

Andrea and Jeff Kuykendal

Agent Note: Another successful sale in North Central Phoenix March 2009

April 2009

We met in October 2006, when my wife and I were looking to purchase a property in an area that would bring value to our investment. Our Realtor suggested we look in a sub division called Wrigley Terrace located close to 20th Street and Missouri. To our surprise the subdivision was developed by Hallcraft Homes. My family and my wife's family bought our first homes from Hallcraft Homes in the early 1960. As we looked at a home on Palo Verde our Realtor suggested we look at a house down the street that was completely remodeled and up for sale. That's when my wife and I met you. It so happens you were the owner and Realtor. It didn't take very long to realize you were very high on the neighborhood. Your marketing materials were detailed and informative. More importantly, you presented yourself in a friendly but professional manner.
As I became more acquainted with you I realized you were quite knowledgeable of the area (housing values, status of houses on the market, how sales in the neighborhood would impact other homes, etc.) and well-known in the neighborhood. After the relationship with my realtor ended I was convinced those attributes you displayed would meet my objectives. Thus, I hired you to market and sell our house. Unfortunately, the housing market and overall economy became very difficult to navigate. On the bright side was your unwillingness to allow the economic environment to dictate an impossible situation. It took a while but your knowledge of the housing values, impacts of foreclosed properties, and a positive attitude that a buyer is out there allowed our property to sell at a fair and reasonable price.

Gerald Hecht
5733 Place KrisMan Investments, LLC.

Agent Note: LISTED, STAGED, SOLD: Wrigley Terrace successful sale in March 2009 - Highest sale of the year!


Thank you for the lovely letter. We are so grateful for your help. In addition to your real estate expertise, the extra care that you took to work all of these deals for us and the help with arranging and pitching in with the clean-up at 23rd Street was appreciated immensely.

I am still buried at work ... but will gladly provide a testimonial when things settle down. In the meantime, if you need a reference, please feel free to give out our phone numbers.

Got the remodel pictures. The house looks great. Thanks for sending those along.


Agent Note: New home purchase in Bel Aire Estates Fall 2008

July 2008

Dan -

Thanks again for all of your help in staging/selling the home! The funds were wired to my account on Monday, and I'm breathing a major sigh of relief. In fact, I couldn't be more pleased with how things transpired. You're a man of resource, a tough negotiator, and when it comes to our surrounding neighborhood, you truly are the expert!!!! Nobody knows more about the individual homes and their prior histories like you do - information that is so vital to both the sale and purchase.

Well, I'm pleased to have benefitted from your hard work, and I wish you the best in continued success in the future!

Thanks amigo,
J. Novak

Agent Note: LISTED, STAGED, SOLD: With the right marketing plan in place, this home sold in 71 days (average sale time is 166 days.)

April 13, 2008

Dear Dan,

Time has nearly gotten away from me and realized that I hadn’t written you a note of gratitude for your professionalism, thoughtfulness, and kindness on the sale of my Mother’s home at 2024 E. San Juan.

We were truly blessed that you were given the listing for we knew from the start with the many positive and flourishing referrals that were given to us, you were the one to we wanted to represent us. Consequently, the home was sold within the week. Although, as you mentioned, you gave the same amount of effort with your presentation of paperwork and footwork on our listing that you would have done had the house been on the market for a longer period.

We would give the highest recommendation to others at any time Dan. We feel a trusted Realtor is the Sellers best friend and you actually went beyond to make the sale quick and efficient as you covered every detail with perfection.

As promised, our dinner date with you and Bridget will be scheduled soon and we will give ample notice so that you are able to find a babysitter for the evening. We have a couple of trips planned this month and will try to mange a trip to Phoenix soon.

Again Dan, our deepest appreciation to you for all of your guidance and expertise.

Our very best,

Judie and Bob Dempster

Agent Note: LISTED, STAGED, SOLD -- for 98% of asking price before going on the open market.

March 6, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

My husband Wayne and I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Peacock, owner of Peacock Real Estate Investments, for the past several years. We have used Dan as our real estate agent to sell two of our half-million dollar houses. Both houses sold quickly, without any issues and for the highest sales price in the area. He has also represented us in purchasing our last home which was in conservatorship.

Dan is very professional, knowledgeable and honest. He knows his stuff…he helped us price our last home so that we had a contract within 31 days, in a very difficult real estate market. He does a great job screening potential buyers so that there are minimal issues at closing. We would definitely use Dan for our real estate needs in the future!


Lisa Sponcil

Three transactions and counting with these great clients! Thanks to their terrific remodeling skills, we achieved the highest sale prices EVER in both the Madison Park & Beverly Park subs.


Thank you very much for your friendly and professional approach in helping Jayme and I sell our home. I felt very comfortable with you from our first consultation meeting. Your advice and recommendation on pricing and marketing were right on. I wanted the edge and advantage of a talented, area specialist and was very pleased with the results. I also appreciate the fact that you were very willing to go the extra mile to deal with our tenants and the inconvenience that can be for your showings. I give you the credit for selling our home in only 8 days and getting Jayme and I the price we needed. Thank you for such a smooth escrow and closing. We will be recommending your service to our family and friends. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Chris and Jayme Slowey

The Slowey home was the first sale of 2008 in the Tonka Vista subdivision. And, despite the challenging Phoenix real estate market, it sold in 12 days @ the 2nd highest price/sf ever in Tonka Vista.


Just a quick note to thank you for a smooth transaction on Palo Verde. Our clients love the home and neighborhood. The (buyers and their agent) mentioned many times how professional you were!

I would like the opportunity to serve your clients with the same great service. Let me know how I can help you!

Best Always,

Jim Poole
Senior Mortgage Consultant
STERLING Home Mortgage

A note of thanks from a recent buyer's Mortgage Consultant. (February 2008)

February 17, 2008


The exceptional services you provided in the recent sale of our home are deeply appreciated. From the very outset, your professionalism, honesty and integrity were qualities we admired and appreciated.

In these times of real estate woes, your focus on, and extensive knowledge of, the residential area where we lived were essential factors in the marketing and sale of our home.

After initially listing the property, we were also pleasantly surprised when we went on-line and viewed the virtual tour you had produced. It was extremely creative and revealed the beautiful staging of our home. These factors, combined with your work ethic, attention to details, customer orientation and effective communication skills resulted in the quick sale of our home.

For this we are extremely grateful and offer our very best wishes and sincere thanks.

Warmest regards,

Maggie Bullock and Jim Griffith

Agent Note: This home was Listed, Staged, and Sold after just 64 days on the market! (The average time on the market for area homes is 166 days.) First Madison Park Sale of 2008.

October 28, 2007

Dan Peacock
Peacock Real Estate Investments
5611 N. 16th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Dear Dan,

Although I feel I know the Phoenix area well, it was never quite so nice than to spend time in our own home there. We have fallen in love with the house, the location and with Phoenix in general. I wanted to take a moment to thank you in being instrumental in making it all happen.

The real estate market is quite different in Arizona than in New England and therefore there was a learning curve on my part. Your knowledge of the area, the real estate market and the lending issues made it much easier than it might have been. Being a second home, in time of a difficult market, and during a lending institution crisis, the sale became more difficult than expected. Your assistance throughout the process was most helpful. I appreciate how you worked with me, the seller and my lending institution to get the deal done.

You obviously know your business and take pride in it.

Thank you again for making our move to Phoenix a complete success.


Robert Fisk, Jr.

Testimonial from the Buyer of 5201 N 18th Place (and I represented the Seller)

As a manager/broker in real estate for nearly 20 years, I want to compliment you on your professionalism. Several things caught my eye about the way you do your business.

First, the home was beautifully staged, and smelled great! Next, you had good flyers and loan information in the home. Also, you have a very good website, lots of good information and very professionally done. AND, you answered your phone, and responded to me quickly by e-mail.

I’m sure these are things you take for granted because you do them every day. But, I can tell you from personal experience, that many, many Realtors are not so diligent!

I am sure you are successful in your career because of your attention to detail.

Again, thank you for your help regarding your listing.

Comments from a 20+ year Phoenix Real Estate Broker/Manager (12/17/2007)

Thank you for all of your help in listing and selling our home. Thanks to you, I never worried about the house after we moved to Illinois; I very much appreciate it. Thank you for your dedication.

- Anne Dickerson

Steve and Anne Dickerson left sunny Phoenix for windy Chicago in 2006.


The main reasons we chose you to be our Realtor are:

- Your professionalism and your continue efforts to help us, but not be pushy.

We met you at an open house in the neighborhood and it was almost a year later this sale was final at 1808 E. Luke Ave. You could have just gone to another client, but you kept in touch and we told you when we were ready to sell you would be the one we wanted to work with.

- Your knowledge of the neighborhood, and your knowledge of the bidding process and what was best for us, not the buyer.

- Your personality, your smile and just you.

Dan, my mom Bonne and I could not thank you enough for your help and I will continue to recommend your services whenever I can.
Also, your help as a sponsor for our football team at North Canyon High School was greatly appreciated and we look to working with you again next year.

Thanks and please keep me posted to the remodeling of our old home as I can't wait to see it.

Diane Mathers and Bonne Searles

Bonne Searles owned 1808 E Luke in Beverly Park for 43 years. Her daughter, Diane, grew up there. Now Mom lives with her daughter nearby!

December 1, 2006

Moving can be a trying time for anyone. Moving out of state, and on relatively short notice, with little knowledge of your new location, even more so. When my wife recently took a transfer that sent us to Phoenix, AZ, we had less than six weeks to try and find a new home, and due to schedules and distance, only one weekend in which to make it to Phoenix to have a first hand look at potential homes. Fortunately we were lucky enough to have Dan Peacock as our Realtor. Dan made it a point to conduct a phone consult with us to better determine our needs, and then sent us prospective properties to consider via email, that already matched those criteria. When we were finally able to make our visit, Dan spent an entire day with us, visiting almost a dozen properties, and then followed that up with loads of research to help us make the best bid on the home we finally chose. He stayed on top of the entire purchase process with us from beginning to end. With his help, we were even able to handle all of our closing paperwork from out of state, which saved us a significant amount of travel time and additional expenses. At a time in our lives that was filled with a lot of logistical nightmares, Dan was simply a dream come true - professional, courteous, knowledgeable, always there with a quick answer to all of our questions. I know I won't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a Realtor, and I know that my wife already has had the opportunity to do so.


Curt Connolly

Ann Gorman and Curt Connolly moved to Phoenix from Gallup, NM

When I decided to sell my home on Bethany Home, I was very aprehensive. It was scary selling the home that I had lived in for 27 years, but I wanted to move back to Rochester, NY to be closer to my family.

I decided to get in touch with Dan because no one knows the area better. After our first meeting, I knew I had made the right choice. Imagine my surprise when I found out that he was originally from Rochester also. Small world!

Dan was so easy to work with. He is a very caring professional. He really put forth the extra effort needed to sell my house for me. My house sold in less than a month, and I was very happy with the outcome. I was able to move to New York by October as I had planned.

I did however, run into some problems with my trip and Dan was right there to help me out. I have a Great Dane and found out that she could not fly all the way into Rochester because the planes are smaller coming into that airport. I also had to get my Dodge Durango to Rochester. So, Dan called his parents who still live in Rochester, and asked them if they would like to fly out to Arizona and drive my Durango and take my dog back to Rochester with them. They flew out right away, and we all piled into the Dodge and drove back to Rochester. It was a wonderful trip, and Dan's parents were wonderful traveling companions.

If you are selling your house, I highly recommend Dan and his parent's "relocation" service!!!

Sandy Moore
Rochester, NY

Sandy Moore had lived on Bethany Home Road for more than 20 years

What a good Real Estate Agent Should be ………………..

A Real Estate agent should have an excellent understanding of the market they are servicing, they should have aggressive strategies to get the most for your house and get you a good price on your new home in the ideal area you are interested in. They should provide regular updates on any new developments throughout the process,

Now that’s what a good Real Estate agent will provide!

Dan Peacock is in a class of his own. Not only did he provide everything mentioned above he sold our house at above asking price in a down market and then found us a place way beyond expectation within our means. Near closing time on both locations my wife lost her grandfather and we had to head north for the funeral. Dan took care of everything and called me daily to update were we where. We got back the day before closing like we had not been gone at all. In fact Dan went beyond being an agent and lets us store a few personal items at his house between the moves.

If you want to sell your house quickly and get the maximum return on it, if you are looking for the place of your dreams, look no further then Dan Peacock. Believe me I say I do not give out recommendations lightly, in fact I deal with vendors and service facilities on a daily basis, Dan Peacock is the real deal, he is there when in matters.

Dan will be my agent in AZ as long as we are both here.

-- Jamie Kent

Jamie and Felicia Kent moved from Avondale to the heart of Phoenix


It was a pleasure working with you on the Holinger/Taylor transaction on Montebello Avenue. I was on vacation during the escrow period and you made sure things worked smoothly on both sides while I was away. Not only did you do a great job for your clients, but you are one of the most pleasant and professional agents I have worked with in my 4 years in Phoenix real estate.

You are a true gentleman. I hope we can work together soon. All my best!

Lori Johnson of Collamer and Associates was the Buyer's agent for a home in the Grovemont neighborhood

Thanks so much for helping me prepare for my home sale -- and selling it -- and for assisting me in finding the perfect new home!

Because of you, I sold my house for a record price for Wrigley Terrace! And because of that, my new home is 10x better than I thought I could afford.

You're a true professional and you went above and beyond the call of duty at every turn. Because of all your hard work, I'm proud to call you my "Relator for life"!

Pat Kozloski lived on 19th Place in the Wrigley Terrace neighborhood

Dear Dan:

Thank you so much for helping me sell my house. I appreciate your efficiency and effectiveness and was pleased with your suggested selling price -- which was $50,000 higher than two other Realtors suggested! I'm perhaps most pleased that you were right -- we got our full asking price!

At my age (80ish), I dreaded the hassle and problems with selling a house, but you made it easy.

I will heartily recommend you to my friends!

Judge James Smith (formerly of San Juan Avenue)

I still don't know whether you're brilliant or crazy, but thanks for all of your help in selling our home!

Gene Harries moved from E Solano Avenue to E Solano Avenue!


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